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Just who am I?

To sum it up…I am a creative, stubborn and sometimes shy entrepreneur who thinks the greatest thing about this life is the ability to work in my pajamas if I so choose. I live in north Georgia with my husband (who is medically retired from the Army), our son and four of our four-legged kids.

I have an MBA that looks pretty sitting in the frame but honestly doesn’t accomplish a whole lot else. I have been self employed since 2004, just after my husband started his journey into the Army. After all, that was the deal…he could join the Army if I could quit my job and start a business.

I started the website, Married to the Army, and over the years, it has spun off in all kinds of new directions.

Even though my husband is now retired, I just can’t seem to walk away from the Army. Truth be told, we both miss it every day. I have met (and continue to meet) so many great people, there’s no way I could just leave it all behind simply because he isn’t active duty.

My connections to the Army still allow me to keep up with the latest news and what is going on. My experiences through deployments, moving and dealing with the Army’s infamous “hurry up and wait” slogan hold true regardless of if they occurred last week or last year.

So sit back, relax and chat with me about the Army lifestyle and all it entails. There’s nothing else like it, that is for certain!


Goodness, I’m reading this now in December of 2011 and so much has changed since I last updated it just after our son was born.

1. I now have a full-time job outside of my business. I work solely in digital marketing so it’s not too far of a stretch for me. In fact, I credit my business to my ability to find this job. Had I not immersed myself in all things online, it would have never happened.

2. Because of that, working in my pajamas doesn’t happen too often any more. I think I may get a few strange looks at the office if I walked in every morning in my pj’s. Though I do get the chance to work from home on occasion and the pajamas do emerge again.

3. We now only have three four-legged kids. Our sweet cat, Shelby, passed away. Unfortunately, we’ve lost two of our pets in the past two years.

4. My Ranger husband is now a Pastry Chef. Funny thing is, he’s right back to Army hours and getting up at o’dark thirty.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my love of the Army life and my desire to support Army families. We’ve been out of it now for going on five years due to his medical retirement after four deployments in GWOT. But even though you may leave the Army, it never leaves you.

And I happen to like it that way.

One thought on “About Me

  1. I’m Christine Pesout, and I work at the U.S. Transportation Command. I
    noticed you cover moving on your blog.

    I thought I’d flag an important matter for you and your readers. The
    Transportation Command manages moves for military families, and we need them
    to tell us which moving companies are good…and which are terrible. The
    feedback we receive from a survey we ask them to complete after a move will
    help us keep the good companies and kick the bad ones out of the program.

    Col. Michael J. Miller, program director of the Joint Program Management
    Office for Household Goods Systems, recently posted “Making the Busy Summer
    Move Season More Efficient,” a summary of this topic, on DoDLive’s “Family
    Focus Friday”.


    Please share this information with your readers; quality survey feedback
    ultimately helps smooth the process for all.

    For more information on this issue, please contact me. I’ll follow up with
    you by the end of the week to see if you have any additional questions.

    Christine Pesout
    U.S. Transportation Command
    Strategic Communications & Public Affairs
    Office: 618.229.4828
    Mobile: 314.443.6319


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