A friend of mine has battled the demons of war that returned with her soldier after deployment. She has been completely open and honest about all that goes on when your soldier suffers from PTSD and TBI. She doesn’t sugarcoat daily events and gives you a real look into how much life can change after a deployment ends. She has compiled amazing resources that she has had to fight to find and be able to use.

If you ever wanted to read an insider’s view or if you’re in the middle of the same hell, please reach out to her. She’s more than willing to help and can provide the resources and support that can help you and your soldier.

Living with PTSD and TBI Facebook (Uncle Sam’s Mistress)

Living with PTSD and TBI Blog

2 thoughts on “PTSD & TBI

  1. Thank You Stacy for supporting and spreading the word for all of us families suffering. I think it’s extremely important to bring all the stuff, whether it be good or bad, to the front because for every one who wants to not look…there are five more desperately looking for answers. I will be having surgeries in Jan of 2012 so have a TON of resources I will be adding to the page. I am limited on tab spaces, so will have to create a second page for them all. If anyone needs a good shoulder, or needs answers to questions…my email is always open and you can find me on my site. Thank you again!
    Uncle Sam’s Mistress

  2. Hi, I am wondering what have other spouses or significant others do when your husband/boyfriend ‘HAS A LOT TO THINK ABOUT”?? I understand that combat is hard, and ptsd is no joke, but I feel like i am a failure for him to question whether its good to be with me or not… lately we had started to argue a lot, and i didn’t really understand ptsd, and i have no one to turn to here in albuquerque, nm… I feel alone.. please, i need advice or someone to talk to

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